Dangerously aroused goblin. Likes films, ghosts, robots, cakes, beards, science, art, craft, photos, birds and bugs. Reads, writes, sews creatures @ShakyGhost.

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What the HELL is going on?!?!

#FarrellFest #FF for bringing the Pharrell to FarrellFest! Fuck yes!

Hart's War Shots now...? Fuck yes! #FarrellFest

Tigerland shots for the win! #FarrellFest

Fuck Yes! #FarrellFest #Tigerland

#FarrellFest confusion from

Inferno. Amazing film, starring the ropeyist actor in the world! Every facial expression is a classic #McCloskey

The way forward!! #invasionofthemoths

DIY Jabba the Hut headgear. Don't know why he appears to be on fire...

I believe this is yours, sir...

More Spooky Shit! :D

Fuck yes! Spooky shit! :D

Sucking on William's cock, I mean, rock


YES! This IS the droid I was looking for! If only I could get a signal...

A hanging loop? Why, I shall call him Ian!

...Yes...and down.

Because when takes to the stairs, those bitches know to give him a light show!!

I did not know that...

Wasps already?!? :(