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This has my seal of approval. #hanairo


If for some reason, you can’t eat because you’ve lost all 32 of your teeth, you can still get this from us. :)

An absolutely genius cross-over of The Beatles and Pokémon.

This has my seal of approval. #BlazBlue

There’s a Konata fan in everyone.

Loving this Persona 4 picture. #P4

The girls of Bakemonogatari meets Madoka Magica. #monogatari #madoka_magica #crossover

Kyubey slowly making his way into the Monogatari series starting with Hachikuji. That sly bastard. #monogatari

Being crushed by a giant cat isn’t so bad. Only if it’s Hanekawa. #monogatari

(ノ≧∀≦)ノ ha-ha-hnnnngggggakawa! #monogatari

More Hitagi on your timeline. #monogatari

Today marks the birthday of Hitagi Senjougahara in Japan! Happy birthday! #monogatari

What am I doing on Twitter? I should be on this bed. #infinitestratos

Female Titan. Attack on Mikasa! #shingeki

It’s a Sailor Moon type of day for me today. #sailormoon

My first yuri experience. #SailorMoon

Mars power. #sailormoon

Ami Hayase cosplays as Deadman Wonderland's Minatsuki Takami. You can find the full set here:

She’s my favourite. #robono