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Tom Jones wrote She's A Lady about me. He was being sarcastic.

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I think you should all come over for a BBQ.

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Why I'm like this. Also: best picture EVER.

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The answer to this question is, obviously, YES.

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Considered flying somewhere this weekend (seriously) until I saw where the "deals" went.

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My last attempt at being crafty. The phone weighed approximately 35 pounds. It was AWESOME.

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The best part is, I DON'T FUCKING KNOW HER. So I GUESS I'll stop talking to her now.

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So, Twitter, two questions: 1) will you be in Uptown tomorrow evening? b) what should go here?

  • 2339 days ago via site
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I was even going to change my license to say, "Becky 'Smoove B' Sherrick Harks" and get a thumbs up shot.

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Not calling your kid on his birthday makes Furious motherfucking GEORGE. Campaign of Terror face ON:

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This is & I at Sparklecorn. It was more like prom than prom. I think. I missed prom b/c I was drunk.

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The SYWM, Dog Edition. Made for maximum hilarity.

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I think the picture says it all. (P.S. Do you think that I can wear this to meet Martha Stewart?)

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I'd guess I'm smiling in this baby picture because my parents promised a chapter from the Anarchist's Cookbook.

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Squirrel + Ballbag = Full of The Awesome.

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This is how progressive flute rock makes Your Aunt Becky feel inside.

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For all of you who are all, 'NICE HIGH SCHOOL AVATAR PICTURE, WHORE" I present my REAL high school picture.

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One of mah tattoos (you guys asked for it). It's not a motherhumping PEACOCK. It's a PHOENIX, Twitter.

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Stand back, Twitter, he's all mine. Also: he loves me FOR my baby blue leisure suit. YOU don't.

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We are none of us alone. Since I cannot be at the bridge today. #yellowballoons #suicideprevention

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