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Writer. Podcaster. Drunk giraffe. Disgraceful hipster. Inked lady. Easy, for all possible meanings of. Still feeling so fancy!

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There's also this. ♥

I'm sorry this isn't better. My phone hates the venue lights but she is hitting the cymbals with a riding crop.


Is this a narwhal, giraffe, and an airship? And if it is, should I steal it?

Good lord UNF, and I thought UCF was woodsy.

Designing fictional buildings. Something I'm nominally better at than I am at drawing maps of fake places.

Yeah, it'a that kind of day.

I'm totally sexy. I have what they call a face for internet.

I think my bread pudding has 4 shots of rum in it. #tipsy

Yesterday night helped me paint shirts for my coworkers, and they love them. Thanks, man!

I just realized my bangs had a ridiculous curl. It's good to know even my extremities are silly.

Tuesday's communion!

Would like some rice or beans? We ate all the tacos.

Lady Hooker my ass. It was totally Ten.

This dog might be my soul mate. It talks back, doesn't listen well, and is easily excited by .

Okay, , you can have ONE. Which would you like?

You know how sometimes items jump into your hands and make you buy them? It's like that.

Floppy enough for you, ?

Right. got me the best birthday comb. All you other comb buyers can go home.

This is the best looking cd I own. Thanks !