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Yes, they're real and they're spectacular. Also leaking a little.

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Funny, I hear that every person I know has gotten this email from Linkedin. #WeAreTheOnePercent

Once again, Klout is really banging it out of the park with that algorithm

So Sage asks me who the new American Girl doll is for 2013. Thanks a lot, AG. You totally screwed us now.

Facebook is demanding that I give a gift. GIVE THEM A GIFT, DAMMIT.

Nice product placement in Ghiardelli Sq !

Is this for real? Or did some 14 year old boy hack Trump's Twitter stream.

Map of lower Manhattan/Brooklyn evacuation zones. Yikes.

The deleted tweet in question: (via )

. If only an IT guy with sense could verify. Hey...there's one now!

Playing around w/ is interesting. Buy followers, and here's your graph:

My biggest search traffic is coming from these words. Which of these things is not like the other?

"Banana Nut Muffins" is a VERY active commenter this week. His English needs work but eh, he's a muffin.

Yay !

Oh here's another good one. Friendship by the numbers:

You want to know what's wrong with social media? This.

I love if just for his Instagram bio.

True . Though Last time I was with + , this happened.

My favorite shot of the #disneyfantasy launch party.