what's between hockey & metal & funk & absolute mayhem? whatever it is, i'll have 6 of those.

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seats your gmom would be jealous of. mother f'er.

i drive girls bananas #grace #beauty

not a bad skyline. art-like. amiright,

i run for the children

love how everyone 'hates the world!' today. i have to clean this trash off my work steps. daily. ive hated people

i know this is yesterday, but just saw it again & laughed

i took this picture as i was putting them on the conveyor belt & the 20yo kid was like 'how much are they?' #69

wow, seen THIS running all around the casino & damn, i wanna tap that

wow, here too, that's insane

i yearn for simpler times; before electricity. when my ancestors fought w swords & got wasted off apple pie vodka

my friends said big league chew was gross. i said do a shot for every piece i grab. SO I DID THE WHOLE FCKING BAG

someone please tell me what this product is in an italian deli.... hair?

volume button up picture

power button up picture

my girlfriend is going to let ME pick out WHICH birdseed we eat tonight. wow, im overwhelmed. #quinoa #bullshit

every nite the same dream: he's standing at top of the stairs laughing, my family dead, knife in his cruel hands

shoutout if you bought your pt cruiser w the 'awesome wood paneling' option

NSFW yep. my new knife has serrations, why do you ask? (PS -you can't get stitches if a piece is missing, right?)

for real though. i'd pay $20/month to feel their sadness.

i even figured out how to close it! (on my thumb)