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Nice juxtaposition, Wash Post: "Deadly violence decline" next to new years festivities

Ben (16 mos.) playing in the snow.

Movies N Joy, San Pedro, CA. How do I sign up for a membership?

Old-school sign at my polling place.

Pickle smile! That's an actual pickle I just found on the bottom.

Amazing book title: "Michael Jackson's Beer Companion."

Why is this book not titled "Cooking With Borat"?


From my Sidewalk Scenes series: Bagel massacre.

Off off off Broadway, the Pork Sho is playing.

The more fluorescent yellow the fried rice, the more authentic the Chinese restaurant. #nycrules

En route to NYC: The BEST way to travel!

What, no hot knuckle?

Now this is an effective newspaper ad.

Did I really just get a coupon in the mail for free BJ's?




OK NYT, I know people call Hillary emotionless, but this is a bit much.

Ben makes a friend at Blockbuster.