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More card weaving. 4 cards this time (previous cord was 2) #the144

My first finished bit of card weaving

Lots of conflicting opinions! I thought a 40th would be a good excuse for something like a Le Creuset, but I may go for this stainless steel pan instead - it's the shape he wants. Hope he's not reading! He's very rarely on twitter these days. Don't mention his username though!

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And while I'm at it, the tiny hat I made on Monday. #the144 Not sure if it's finished or if I should add a little flower or something.

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Needle felted picture in progress. (#the144 )

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Cheeeeeeeeeese! And crackers and chutney. Thank you, !

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Tasty yarn. Better in real life, of course. More warm red, less dull blue.

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Now learning needle tatting from at . Much easier than shuttle tatting!

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Learning Tunisian crochet from at

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Inside the glovebox. The part I want is the blue box to the right. I hope! It's the one I've unscrewed since taking the photo, anyway.

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Slave Leia #drsketchys

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Bat noises

Bat noises

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Very blurry bat on a blurry towel.

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Finished rug! Only took me 15 years or so :-) Now I want to start a new one!

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And then, inspired by 's rug making, I picked up the rug that I haven't worked on in about 15 years.

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I started a new braid, my own choice of colours this time. Reds and black.

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Me making a braid.

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. making a rug

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Exhaustion suits some crafts. Made this kumihimo braid in a few hours. Normally takes months, as only do bit@ time

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