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Painting so far

Did interview and painted lots now tired

For my Shell Game backers- Newt Cake

Me right now

Hello beautiful. Me and you are going to make beautiful art babies together

Hivemind on ma face!

Yao tracing the projection of my drawing onto the board

Police barricading lower union square, sweeping people out in giant wave of blue #ows

Union square right now #ows

Union square right now #ows

Breast cancer survivor talking to riot line of police #ows

Breast cancer survivor talking to riot line of police #ows

Breast cancer survivor tells cops "when you beat me, imagine you're beating your mother or your sister." says she has limited time left

"they never stop and frisk old white guys like me" in front of increasingly tense police line #ows

Police refusing to give badge numbers

Cops with plasticuffs march around park to chants of "nypd kkk"

Police ringing park, enjoying fine spring night #ows

Protester dangles donut in front of police as "peace offering" #ows

Oh noes! Tents in union square #ows #millionhoodies

"never been stopped. Never been frisked. I wonder why" #ows #millionhoodies

Hundreds of people at union square. #millionhoodie #ows

Dozen cops and the shiny-testicled symbol they must protect