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One more gratuitous book tweet. Double page on and Sexay (anon) lips

Double page spread of in Devil in the Details. Just got my advance copy

In the same room as Mona Lisa. No wonder everyone is underwhelmed #artambassedor

Nope, not impressed. But hot damn the Veronese it shares a room with! #artambassedor

Oh Arcimboldo, you perverse horrifying bastard. #artambassedor

Omg monkey! #artambassedor

The Louvre- storage #artambassedor

Drew the most famous marble woman in the world. #artambassedor

That would be Nike of Samothrace with nary a squalling midwestern toddler around her #artambassedor

We are getting a private tour of the Louvre. It is closed and empty. Wish I could roller skate. #artambassedor

Giant macaron for desert

Wim Delvoye's Persian carpet covered animals in the apartments of Napoleon III #artambassedor

Drunken shaky-cam of paintings

Drunken shaky-cam of paintings

Finally, a new idiot beauty treatment to top "silk blossom body wash." 24k gold facial!

Things left on my floor after parties

Shell Game video tour

Shell Game video tour

No, you repellent liars. Your 7.99 body wash does not have "diamond dust" in it

Giant police truck moving on protesters. Protesters with flags move around it #m1ny #ows

Crowd and cops still, staring at eachother #m1ny #ows

Banner. Undocumented and unafraid #ows #m1ny