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Is it too late for me to submit a #BadSpringTrainingPic? Viera, Florida. Astros/Nationals:

Peyton in a Bronco jerz: (from: )

I usually request Like a Prayer at weddings for my lady friends. This time the guys spontaneously went bananas:

My bestie on his wedding day:

Dozens of day passes for Darvish in Goodyear. Media with something to do for once: (j/k).

There is a slide in this restaurant. slid down it. Twice!

My friend has a great system for avoiding solicitations from her law school:

Grocery shopping at Ralph's. Does sugar free Red Bull count as a New Age beverage? How about diet Hansen's?

Wearing the '97 tour tee-shirt I stole from . She lived it, man.

Hate to ruin your childhood but that is NOT Luke Perry surfing in the opening credits of Beverly Hills 90210:

Clearly my dog did something wrong while I was at yoga but I can't figure out what yet...

Sasha Baron Cohen just dropped baby powder/ashes all over Seacrest's tux:

Pirate wants to know if the Oscars are gonna have a Kitty Halftime Show:

Long week. Even the dog is zonked.

Ok everyone can quit with the Lin pun contest because the New York Post just ended it:

Here is the Pujols billboard for English speakers: (on La Cienega and Pico)

Another Pujols "EL HOMBRE" billboard has gone up near me. This one is on Fairfax and Olympic:

Small Whitney shrine in front of Beverly Hilton right now:

I think I just took 's new Facebook photo.