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Aw. Attending my first Mets game of the season after seeing so many during my NYC years. Not the same without Reyes.

In introducing Magic Mike Tatum said something along the lines of "obviously this is a high art film.." to laughs.

Mr. Tatum said something to the along the lines of "so as you guys know, this is a high art film..."

So obviously we're seeing Magic Mike on opening night and Channing Tatum & co. dropped in(!) Dying!!

Went walking a around Houston park and stumbled on this free symphony performance. So lovely. The universe giveth:

I changed my mind: the Astros have the best press box food in MLB. Philly second. I spy m&m's:

Think I may sit here today for this Astros/Indians game...

And now let's all enjoy this old photo of Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum back when they were pups:

Here is the "Call Me Maybin" guy from yesterday. A local hero:

Taking in the Padres/DBacks game as a civilian today. So used to the press box view that this angle is throwing me off:

On my way to meet for lunch. Do you think he will notice my Ryan Roberts' tattoo arm sleeve?

At 3 o'clock today I had no idea I'd be in Phoenix by 7 o'clock..

Wayward Sons! It's all happening!

Impish dog has pawed my hair into knots. I shall retaliate by feeding him dog food.

Just met Roz Wyman, local hero city councilwoman who played a huge role in bringing the Dodgers to LA in the 50s:

These kids were so excited to get Bryce Harper's autograph. Then after he left they asked me who he was:

Bryce Harper swinging through Dodger Stadium shadows: #nationals

Colts fans just got this email from the team's pro shop hawking official Luck merch. That was fast! (cc: )

Think you got problems? Yesterday my mapquest told me to drive .1 miles then kayak across the Pacific:

Happy hour..