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This amuses me after ignoring my phone for almost 3 days... #MarkOfTheBeast

Analyze this! Ladies Liberty and Justice making out. Uncle Sam nowhere in sight.

=^.^= And if boycat Oliver could put up a #RetroAvi his would be this:

Oh wait. I have one more. My old cat Ragu was Vice President in charge of Napping. =^.^= #OldAvi

The only thing that's changed for me in 20yrs is that I no longer fit into the tiny red wooden sled.

About to take down my Grandfather's WW2 Navy pic for Veteran's Day...

Last one. Me with my pre-double life of douchebaggery father. Oh and my hair is naturally super-blonde.

My official pre-school photo. Still have that scar by my nose from Sara breaking a teacup on my face. #RetroAvi

At one point I had a mushroom cut. It mysteriously coincided with my desire to wear dresses 24/7. #RetroAvi

On the monorail at Riverside... #RetroAvi

Where are we going and why is it so fucking cold? #RetroAvi

Since I'm not jumping on the #RetroAvi bandwagon, here are some little me photos: (I hate everything forever.)

Rita is visiting me tonight. It's cold so she decided to burrow. Only her head is visible in the blanket cocoon. =^.^=

Then around minute 47, he's interviewed about buying the gun Kurt killed himself with.

At about 42min in to "Kurt & Courtney" here's the photo of Kurt's supposed best friend Dylan.

So is on Twitter. Can I get a discount? You becoming my follower has given me a wicked bad craving!

Ditto! And this is my Rita, hugging my knee under the blanket:

I'm looking for something to go with these acorn earrings for Thanksgiving.

I'm looking for something to go with these acorn earrings for Thanksgiving.