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I was born in the 80s, luv the music from the 60s, 70s, & am inevitably a 90s child. I promise you don't know any1 like me. I ♥ Bon Jovi, JDM, & Classic Rock♫♪

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If u know this woman, u should save her bc I wanna slap her!

Not too bad for someone who spent the day throwing up. Time for family photo ...

There was a building here not even three hours ago.

Do not buy this car and drive 20 miles an hour.

David Letterman, Rachel Maddow, and Hohos #MaddowDave

U can't tell, but its David Letterman.

I want to beat him with a thorny stick! might agree

Mindy wants to give him one... so does . Ask them

Seriously?? Gloves but no socks? How did u come to that conclusion and y r u in college?

2 hours later ... :( its still coming

Effing snow!

Bon Jovi blanket and these slippers... can't be wrong

This came up on Pandora and my brain screamed DEAN WINCHESTER!!!! :-)

ITS HERE ITS HERE! and it's beautiful :-) :-) :-) :-) #kindlefire

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These are just some of the leftovers and I only made one thing

That's a door not a drive thru you damn drunkard

Its very sad when ur 23 and frequently attracted to the cover of the senior citizen magazine

Fellas, these hipster shoes do not make you cool

He's gonna be on campus and I'm not going??? :-( !!! Not fair