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In the five days leading up to the election, Fox News gave Mitt Romney nearly four hours of live coverage. But they only gave Obama's speeches 35 minutes total.

How Fox's coverage compares to other cable new outlets:

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Memo to right-wing conspiracy theorists: CNN has plainly outlined how the Bureau of Labor Statistics gets their jobs numbers. You might want to check it out.

VIDEO: CNN anchors debunk right-wing attacks on job numbers

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LINK: Bill O'Reilly: "Grievance Against Whites" In "Some African-American Communities" May Affect Obama's Attitude Toward Americans

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FULL REPORT: In more than 300 instances this election cycle, at least 32 Fox News figures have taken part in campaign activity for Republicans.

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Zombies Go Hungry In The Fox News Brain Room

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Revealing graphic from
Also from : The Enormous Racial Gap in Political Reporting

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Fox Interviews Foreign Policy Adviser to Romney Campaign John Bolton without acknowledging Bolton's campaign role. They simply him "FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR/FORMER U.S. AMB. TO U.N ."

Related Reading: The Members of Romney's Campaign Who Work For Fox

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  • 420 << Fox aired an inaccurate timeline of what President Obama said about the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Fox's timeline left out a key date, September 13, when Obama labeled the attack an "act of terror" twice.

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How Fox News covered Candy Crowley's fact check...

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LINK: The Wall Street Journal aides Paul Ryan in hyping the deficit as a key issue this election, despite the fact that the paper's own polling contradicts that idea.

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Fox News seeks to understand the role Dr. Evil may or may not have had in Joe Biden's debate performance.

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How The Media Used Biden's Smile To Deflect From Ryan's Dishonesty:

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  • 3,384 << FULL STORY: Right-Wing Media Use Interruptions To Attack Debate Moderator Raddatz, But Raddatz interrupted Biden and Ryan approximately an equal number of times. According to a Media Matters review of the debate, Raddatz interrupted Biden 15 times and Ryan 18 times

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Help us stop right-wing lies! Sign up for Media Matters email updates: And chip in $5:

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Right-wing media are baselessly obsessed with voter fraud… unless, of course, it’s a Republican fraud case:

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  • 1,046 << Sign our letter telling WSJ to stop hiding campaign officials who write for them. Demand transparency now!

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The Debate's Empty Chair:

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Oh really, O'Reilly?

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DISCLAIMER: This post contains graphic language.

FULL STORY: Discovery Channel To Air Special Starring Ted Nugent

The Discovery Channel will be airing a special on gun culture in America starring Washington Times columnist and NRA board member Ted Nugent. In doing so, they're mainstreaming his fringe rhetoric, and giving him the very same spotlight that he uses to hurl inflammatory remarks on a regular basis.

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The Wall Street Journal has been publishing op-eds from 10 Romney Campaign advisers without disclosing the writers' campaign role.

Editors from the nations top papers have criticized the WSJ's lack of disclosure, calling it "inexcusable" and explaining that professional ethics require disclosure. Find out what these editors have to say about the WSJ's lack of disclosure here:

Sign the letter to WSJ Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot, asking the WSJ to stop hiding campaign roles of its writers:

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