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Matt Drudge highlighted a report that President Obama might issue an executive order regarding guns with images of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. From Drudge Report January 09:

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Wait -- is this the same Fox that relentlessly tries to convince everyone that climate change is just one big hoax (being pulled by the vast majority of the scientific community)?

Now, they're acknowledging climate change's existence -- but labeling it as a good thing.

Of course, Fox is assuming that their audience won't think anything of their obvious inconsistencies when it comes to science. And they're probably right.

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VIDEO: “The biggest myth of all time is that sweatshops are bad. Sweatshops for emerging economies are for workers with no skills.” —Fox News co-host Greg Gutfeld

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Fox News is just asking: Are children participating in yoga representative of the "wussification of America?"

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The Fox News assignment desk

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In an attempt to appeal to both conservative and Latino readers, Fox Nation and Fox News Latino sell two different versions of the same story:

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Fox's obsession with their non-existent "War on Christmas"

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  • 546 << For the second straight year, The O'Reilly Factor has devoted more than three times as much airtime to the manufactured "War on Christmas" than to actual military conflicts.

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Bill O'Reilly continues warning about the (nonexistent) War on Christmas, explains that Christmas is simply honoring baby Jesus the way we honor Martin Luther King.

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REPORT : TV News Coverage Of Budget Negotiations Excludes Economists:

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How Fox Skips Any Talk Of Addressing Gun Violence:

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Income inequality. More here: and here:

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Fox Nation's latest attack on Obama voters misspells 'illiterate.' And for the record, under North Carolina law, the daughter in question was eligible to vote:

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Debunking more myths about Disability:

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When Truth Creeps Into The Bubble, by

Related Reading: Tom Ricks rips Fox's overblown coverage of the Benghazi attack

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Tom Ricks tells Fox News what he really thinks, gets kicked off the air:

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Sean Hannity covers politics: "SECESSION FEVER"

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Fox News on Elie Wiesel

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Life Outside The Bubble, by :

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Full story:

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