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Zack Kopplin launched a petition >>;<< to encourage scientific investment.

The Full Story on Stephen Moore, Rush Limbaugh, And The Right-Wing War On Science:

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Fox News v. Fox News Latino: AP Style Guide Edition

Fox News and Fox News Latino are again reporting the same story using different lenses to appeal to both their conservative audience and a growing Latino culture.

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MSNBC's Programs Were The Only Ones Not Dominated By White Men On Sunday Morning Talk Shows. FULL REPORT:

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The breakdown of gender diversity on Sunday morning talk shows. FULL REPORT:

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Fox hosts Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity respond to abusive coach Mike Rice being fired by defending, and even praising his behavior. Stay classy, Fox News.

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Breaking down the myths on Keystone XL. And there are plenty.
**More debunked falsehoods on the pipeline:

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Right-wing media consistently hype the Keystone XL pipeline as a job creator. Reality: The pipeline will only create 35 permanent jobs.

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Obama's "pastor problem" problem: a good friend of Bush is suddenly considered controversial under Obama.

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How Rush Limbaugh shows his support for equality.

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If you haven't seen Richard Wolff's take down of Bill O'Reilly and his incompetence when it comes to economics, it's worth your time.

Check out the video from Democracy Now! here:

READ: 10 other examples of Bill O'Reilly flubbing economics:

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Bureau of Labor Statistics: The Government Workforce Shed 742,000 Employees Since June 2009. According to Bureau of Labor Statistic's data, the private sector added a total of 5.2 million jobs since June 2009, while public sector employment declined by 740,000. The upward tick in 2010 was due to administrative needs during the Census.

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Last week on Fox: "The Easter Bunny is on the run" This week: it's a full on War on Faith.

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While the right-wing media forward the Republican myth that food stamps encourage a "cycle of dependency," the facts show that the SNAP program stabilizes families who are going through rough periods, and helps move them toward self-sufficiency:

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Bill O'Reilly tried to reinterpret the Bible for his new book "Killing Jesus." Dr. Marc Lamont Hill wasn't having it.

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Fox News covers Iraq war anniversary the least of the 3 major cable news networks:

MSNBC provides more coverage on the Iraq war 10 year anniversary than Fox News and CNN combined

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A few good words from Marvin Kalb on the invasion of Iraq and the media


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Why The Iraq War Media Boosters Matter 10 Years Later

Related Reading: Where Are The Media's Iraq War Boosters 10 Years Later?

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Fox News president Roger Ailes coordinated a smear campaign targeting Media Matters for America and its founder, David Brock, in response to Media Matters' book critical of Fox News, according to a biography of Ailes scheduled to be released March 19:

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The media's short-sighted view of spending cuts

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How Chris Hayes' Show Differs From Other Sunday Shows In One Chart:

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