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Members of the media seem pretty eager to invoke the Watergate comparison when talking about Benghazi or the IRS investigations of conservative groups (

So we made a handy flow chart to answer the question: is it Watergate?

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  • 5,143 << REPORT: How Network And Cable News Covered Economic Issues In 7 Charts

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Men Dominated Guest List On Cable News. Out of 1,677 total guests, CNN had the largest proportion of men -- 76 percent -- during the month of April. Women did not make up more than 33 percent of guests on any network. LINK:

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Does Dick Cheney really think he has room to critique the Obama administration for not predicting the Benghazi attack? Take a look at Cheney's own track record...

What Dick Cheney's Benghazi Criticism Misses:

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Limbaugh's Business Model Goes Up In Smoke

How much has Rush Limbaugh's toxicity hurt all of talk radio? Companies report *millions* in losses >>

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Get the Facts on the Head Start program:

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Fox News doesn't see the harm in a billboard that exploits native Americans while pushing a pro-gun agenda:

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NOM and other right-wing entities have been praising ESPN analyst Chris Broussard for his anti-gay bigotry that was targeted at NBA player Jason Collins, the first openly gay athlete in a major American sport. FULL STORY:

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When Jason Collins made history by coming out as gay this week, Fox News was silent.

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Fox News asks if children should be forced to work for their meals.

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We May Be Wrong, But At Least We Were First

For more on the media reaction to the Boston bombings, click here
for Alex Jones, here
for the NY Post, and here for more.

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Following a series of misinformed reports,the FBI tells media outlets to get their story straight on the Boston bombings.

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What media should keep in mind when reporting on gun background checks, given the Senate voted to take up legislation to strengthen gun laws.

READ: Seven media myths about the gun background check system

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It takes a village to fight off the trolls.

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When right-wing media complain about the government, they forget who takes out their trash, teaches their children and keeps them safe at night.

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