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Despite expert advice warning about the dangers of conversion therapy, right-wing media blast Christ Christie for signing "ex-gay" therapy ban:

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Fox News Versus Reza Aslan:

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For more:

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New study looks at the guests of the Sunday shows so far this year. The finding is best summed up as follows: If it's Sunday, it's white, conservative and male.

Full study (with charts):

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In the past week, the Supreme Court has issued 4 decisions that immunize corporations from being prosecuted for wrongdoings, and take away individual rights to hold these corporations accountable.

Of course, Robert's Court is notorious for pro-corporate decisions, so it should come as no surprise.

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Experts from various groups are calling out Fox News' defamatory, dehumanizing coverage of transgender issues. They claim Fox contributes to mass discrimination and violence against the transgender community:

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A Fox News reporter openly calls for the shooting of immigration activists.
FLASHBACK: When Todd Starnes Encouraged Twitter Followers To Shoot 'Illegal Aliens'

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In the past Fox News covered the violence of "far right-wing" nationalist hate group EDL, but now a Fox host endorses the virulently anti-Muslim group:

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While right-wing media is pushing the myth that Plan B is in some way dangerous, the facts and science show that Plan B is safe and effective and should be more widely available.

Here's what you should know about Plan B:

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Bill O'Reilly's Parenting Advice: Punish Boys Who Like The Color Pink

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Sometimes it takes zombie apocalypse novels like World War Z to tell us the chilling truth about the media...

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Today, we delivered a letter with 18,000 signatures to ABC News executives, requesting that the network live up to its reputation and correct its false reporting on Benghazi. Read more about ABC News' error and this effort here:

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VIDEO: The right-wing media needs to go back to science class

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For the full breakdown:

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