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This is how often different media outlets blamed Obama for gas prices. Guess which is Fox?

  • 1045 days ago via site
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This whopper of a graphic from #FoxNews does more to confuse than inform on "taxes at the pump":

  • 1046 days ago via site
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A New Business Model For Hate Radio

  • 1051 days ago via site
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Rush Limbaugh, brought to you by...

Also See: Who's still advertising on Rush Limbaugh?

  • 1058 days ago via site
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Limbaugh's Words In Three Days
More Information: http//

  • 1062 days ago via site
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Fox responds to Limbaugh's "hot video" chocked full of misogynistic attacks aimed at Sandra Fluke.

Also See: Limbaugh's Misogynistic Attack On Georgetown Law Student Continues With Increased Vitriol

  • 1064 days ago via site
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Fox Nation fans the flames of Islamophobia:

  • 1065 days ago via site
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MMFA's new book The Fox Effect is only four spots away from beating Bill O'Reilly's new book on Amazon's best seller list! If you were thinking of buying The Fox Effect, today's the day! Get your copy of The Fox Effect:

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The Fox News Primary explained: Fun with charts:

  • 1067 days ago via site
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#FoxNews and the war on economic optimism:

  • 1072 days ago via site
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Fox meets The Lorax ( who's allegedly "demonizing the so-called '1 percent'":

  • 1072 days ago via site
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Fox fails at graphics. Again. // See: Nonsensical chart on the cost of gas:

  • 1073 days ago via site
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Cable news doesn't have room for health experts on contraception controversy (Story / Graph:

  • 1077 days ago via site
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Here to discuss women's health:

  • 1078 days ago via site
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Fox Nation: "'Speakers Will Be Physically Assaulted!' #Occupy DC Plans Mayhem at #CPAC"

  • 1087 days ago via site
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Fox Nation: Is Chrysler #Superbowl ad focused on U.S. recession, auto surge an "Obama campaign commercial?"

  • 1088 days ago via site
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"Courting the Vote" #Ailes #Gingrich #Romney

  • 1095 days ago via site
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Analysis of news coverage of Keystone XL pipeline between Aug 1 and Dec 31, 2011, reveals that the media favored pipeline proponents. Also revealed: media framed the pipeline mostly as a jobs issue, repeated discredited industry job estimates and also downplayed environmental concern. Full study here:

  • 1096 days ago via site
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Cartoon: "Facts" #NYT

  • 1108 days ago via site
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Graph: How TV news' coverage of #SOPA stacks up to other stories e.g. Kim Kardashian, Tim Tebow

  • 1111 days ago via site
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