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Fox News and the Cult of Celebrity, by Rob Tornoe

Also See -- Fox's Flawed Solution To The Economy: What Would Reagan Do?

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The Heartland Institute's approach to science:

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Fox priorities: Michelle Obama's wardrobe... again.

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Fun with Charts: Up is Down At Fox News #jobs

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CHART -- Fox Spent More Time On "Crucify" Comments Than 3 Major Oil & Gas Risks.

Get the full story here:

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Fox Uses Misleading Numbers To Attack Obama's Economic Record:

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Fox Attacks Democrats For Attempting To Deal With Gender Wage Inequality:

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Marie Hanntoinette, by Rob Tornoe

For reference: "This Idea That Americans Are Going To Bed Hungry" Is Not True -- "You Can Survive Off" Rice And Beans

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Fox is just making up things up again... From the SFist: Fox Nation Sees Trash In San Francisco, Fabricates Entire Story To Blame Green Activists

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  • 240 puts words about environment regulation in Van Jones' mouth: Fox Nation follows suit with the same video and text commentary.

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The CNN Money article conflates spending on Social Security and Medicare, asserting that it is "[c]ritical" for the costs of both programs to be "control[led]" if the U.S. is to overcome its long-term debt challenges. This is false. READ THE FULL REPORT:

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Fox Nation managed to debunk their own attack on the Chevy Volt. Read how they did it here:

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Did the NRA pay for spokesperson Nugent's violent rhetoric aimed at the govt? It looks like that could be the case:

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Fox & Friends: "Who should we choose" for Republican VP slot?

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"...the amount of climate coverage on both the Sunday shows...and the nightly news...has declined tremendously...despite a series of newsworthy stories related to climate change in 2010 and 2011, including a debate over comprehensive climate and energy legislation in the U.S. Senate, a series of record-breaking extreme weather events, notable developments in climate science, the rise of so-called 'climate skeptics' in the House of Representatives, and a deal struck at the most recent UN climate summit in Durban, South Africa."

Read More -- STUDY: Climate Coverage Plummets On Broadcast Networks

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In 2011, only Republicans were interviewed about climate change on Sunday shows. Democrats and scientists were completely shut out of the conversation. Get more details:

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News networks covered Donald Trump more than *twice* as much as climate change. Details:

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#Zimmerman's Defense Team

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The Saga Of Fox News And The Obama Muslim Myth:

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