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The Congressional Budget Office's "2012 Long-Term Budget Outlook" shows hope for the U.S. budget, so why are the media hyping a "dire" and "grim" scenario?

Is it possible that some of them are not too keen on the reality that it is possible to maintain Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security while reducing national debt? Oh, the horror!


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Fox spins Scott Walker's "worst in the nation" jobs record:

Graph from Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:

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No wonder right-wing media are attacking the DOJ's effort to protect voting rights in Wisconsin.

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Rupert Murdoch shouts "privacy!" on Twitter, attacks Google over Street View data collection.

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Fox News misses the good ol' George W. days, gives this headline to an AP article about the unveiling of Bush's official portrait.

Full Story:

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Fox News tries to flush their 4-minute anti-Obama attack ad down the memory hole, after critics point out its strong resemblance to a GOP campaign attack ad:

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Last night Bill O'Reilly teamed up with Lila Rose to push Live Action's hoax video that they claim proves Planned Parenthood facilitates "widespread sex-selection by means of abortion." Get the full story on why this is *absolutely* not true:

Enter Fox Nation, who further touts the story. Talk about shaping a narrative!

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Government Employment Drops Under Obama, But The Media Run With Romney's Myth Anyway:

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Only One?

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Rush Limbaugh has introduced a new item in his online store: a shirt that uses a sexual reference to mock a women's rights group:

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Fox Asks If Certain Democrats Would "Still Have Jobs" If The "Government Were Run Like A Private Equity Firm" // VIDEO:

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When they're not defending the rich, Fox News is pushing to remove the rights of American workers. What a warped view of how to create jobs!


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On Fox News, Bill O'Reilly says, "The real problem is news programs that claim to unbiased."

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O'Reilly says on Fox: "It does not serve the U.S. well to have powerful news organizations skewing their coverage"

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O'Reilly: "Income Inequality Is Bull. Nobody Gives You Anything, You Earn It":

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MRC's Graham attacks African-American Christians
More on the story:

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The Right's Marriage Traditionalism:

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When Women Stand With Rush Limbaugh, This Is What They Stand For:

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Remember this, Fox News? We sure do:

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Fox Nation: Obama Flip Flops, Declares War on Marriage

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