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Fox's Bill O'Reilly said he'd "apologize for being an idiot" if the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act. How about tonight, Bill? WATCH:

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"The Fox News Justice," by Rob Tornoe

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Right-wing media figures against the Affordable Care Act say discrimination is necessary:

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Laura Ingraham greeted the #immigration ruling by saying a bunch of things that are not true:

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Fox Nation versus Fox News Latino, #SB1070 edition: Image:

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The #ACA was found Constitutional more often than not, but the media didn't focus on that: ;

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Look who came by headquarters today! Keep an eye out for us on in September.

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Rush Limbaugh gets the facts backwards on Americans' view of undocumented immigrants: Poll:

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Bill O'Reilly thinks Obama is trying to shift America to a "Quasi-Socialist" economy: Image:

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Anti-immigrant slur just made it way into a Fox News chyron again; more here:

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Fox denies global warming because "it's getting colder"

Well, there goes that non-scientific theory.


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Nation's Top Print Media Cited Anti-Immigrant Groups As Sources Over 250 Times Since The Introduction Of SB 1070:


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Fox uses the extremely flimsy pretense of Romney campaigning in swing states to compare him to Reagan:

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Fox Latino VS Fox Nation on Obama's immigration decision:

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How Money In Politics Keeps Karl Rove Up At Night, by Rob Tornoe

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A study by Occidental College professor Peter Dreier and University of Northern Iowa professor Christopher Martin revealed that "in 91.6% of the stories alleging that a government policy was or would be a 'job killer,' the media failed to cite any evidence for this claim or to quote an authoritative source with any evidence for this claim."


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Fox tries to bury the blame for Bush's responsibility on the debt: But the truth is clear:

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This chart is via Business Insider: The red line is government workers, blue private (red spike is the census)

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In fact, in all previous recessions, public-sector employment was a huge part of the recovery. Chart:

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The Wall Street Journal spins wildly to attack Obama's job creation numbers. The real truth:

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