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The Wall Street Journal uses a false solar statistic to argue that government investment in clean energy was a bad bet:

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REPORT: TV news prioritizes animal attacks, Tom Cruise over massive int'l banking scandal:

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Things primetime news would rather cover than LIBOR, the massive international banking scandal for which multiple major U.S. banks are under investigation.

Featuring ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS

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A Fox host just throws up this list of "activities qualifying as work under new welfare rules." Now for some context:

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Comic Conspiracy Theories with Rush Limbaugh, by Rob Tornoe

AUDIO: Limbaugh's Dark Knight Rises/Romney Conspiracy: "Do You Think That It Is Accidental" The Villain Is Called "Bane"?

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Bill O'Reilly joins in on Fox's deceptive-editing attack on Obama: He should know better:

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How much do news networks value reporting on massive banking scandals? 12 minutes of primetime coverage, total: #LIBOR

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"The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty" --James Madison

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Fox is still telling lies about the Bush tax cuts - they did not create jobs: Charts:

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7-0: Fox News stacks the deck against the UN Arms Trade Treaty: Chart that says it all:

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Please Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, tell us more about these powerful media people that disregard truth in order to advance their ideology. More Info:

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Fox's "straight news" gets it wrong on Obama's immigration record and deportations:

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Fox gets the facts wrong again: manufacturing plummeted under Bush, & has risen under Obama:

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Rush Limbaugh blames Obama for all these job losses in 2008. Obama took office in 2009:

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Limbaugh Says "When Women Got The Right To Vote Is When It All Went Downhill," Then Claims He's Joking. AUDIO:

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Only 3 Percent Of Media Wildfire Coverage Mentioned Long-Term Climate Change Or Global Warming:

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Remember how Fox News tried to disprove global warming by the fact that it was snowing? We do:

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Fox's Losing Battle Against Health Care Reform, by Rob Tornoe
Get the Full Story: #hcr #aca #scotus

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Fox Nation posts Americans for Prosperity press release declaring Koch-backed AFP is rallying Tea Partiers. #grassroots

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