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  • Gallery Fox News attempted to answer the question, "Are you better off than you were?" during 26 segments between August 1 and August 26. MSNBC attempted to answer the question during six segments, while CNN attempted to answer the question during three segments.

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The Romney campaign said: "We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers."

Clearly, the right-wing media are all on board:

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REPORT: How The Media Covered Two Romney Falsehoods

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The right-wing media can't stop gushing over Ann Romney.

How does this compare to the way they've treated Michelle Obama? Full Story:

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Oops! Limbaugh Audio:

Also See: Fox News fulfills Limbaugh's desire for split screen of Obama and Hurricane

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Fox News Fulfills Limbaugh's Desire For Split Screen Of Obama And Hurricane:

Limbaugh: Dems Want Hurricane "Disaster" In New Orleans In Order "To Split Screen It" During GOP Convention

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How the "Fox News Cycle" can have a significant impact on Republican politics.
They develop a smear:
The criticize other media for not covering their smear:
They use unethical practices to push that smear:
The Fox News smear becomes a Republican theme:

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Fox Coverage Of "You Didn't Build That" Spikes Following Announcement Of GOP Convention Theme:

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Fox-Approved Convention Theme Contradicted By Publicly Financed Site:

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Eric Bolling and Pam Gellar discuss conspiracy theories about President Obama's long-form birth certificate.

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Fox News was pushing the "We Built It" attack even before the GOP adopted it as their convention theme. Fox used deceptively edited comments made by Obama on public contribution to small businesses. And Fox was pretty happy when the GOP adopted their meme for the convention.

Interestingly enough, the site where the event is being held -- the Tampa Bay Times Forum -- was "built" by public funds. Awkward:

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Rush Limbaugh: "If I Had Demanded Akin Drop Out, He'd Be Gone"

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Sean Hannity: "In One Week, Paul Ryan Has Become A National Sex Symbol" AUDIO:

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Seriousness Can Be Yours For Only $24.99!

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The right-wing media is trying to deceive people into thinking Michelle Obama said voting for Republicans may cause people to "die from cancer." How about a little context? Here's what the First Lady really said:

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Remember that one time Fox News aired talking points pulled straight from a Paul Ryan op-ed from that day's WSJ and called them "FOXfact[s]"? We do:

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Fox Gets Its Veep, by

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Wind power is increasing rapidly since 2005.

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Rush Limbaugh explains the classics. Full audio clip here:

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