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And the contents of the best lunchbox ever? Pure joy

Best part about working? Buying things you didn't have growing up. I'll be the coolest kid on the bus now

It's not Stockwell Day on a sea-doo level stupid looking but Stephen Harper looks like a doofus here #elxn41

Sens suck

O Canada!

Wearing blue version of this beauty

Giguere just gave some pucks to kids. Good guy.

Optimus Reimer lives! via

Go Leafs Go!

So much handsome

This Cam Janssen fan is lost

Definitely sitting close to this guy

Sad that it's a burn to make a guy dress up as a Sens fan at a home game. Sens suck

This is just for

Some people are just big Alfredsson fans #senators #Sens

This is how you shame a Leafs fan

I don't know that our neighbours are going to appreciate the amount of drinking going on across the hall

This ad for Timmins is missing some pretty important information

O Canada!