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You have to kill me first... "RT : I would kill a man for an ice cold Coca-Cola right about now."

http://www.sportsbook.ag/livesports/ncaab "MT AndyJ0seph: Vegas now has Kansas as the favorite to win the NCAA title at 4-1 odds."

Fuck Texas.


Never forget, . Never forget.

FSU snaps the SEC's streak. R.I.P., Bowl Championship Series.

because no thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving

more proof...now, that's not to say I won't pull it down and throw it on top when it's super cold

proof...want more?

If you don't think this is a sweet comforter...then you're wrong. Dead wrong. #90sKid

Your pictures of Andrew Wiggins in GQ #kubball http://twitpic.com/dhmmto http://twitpic.com/dhmmtt

Your pictures of Andrew Wiggins in GQ #kubball http://twitpic.com/dhmmto

Your pictures of Andrew Wiggins in GQ #kubball

Blake Griffin is ridiculously photogenic here.

Are the Vikings just trolling their own players? (cc )

This is the most depressing resume. Ever. And the Vikings are proud of it. No mention of 2010 playoffs. #chiefs #cassel

Can anybody spot the significant difference between these two images? #TRob #Rockets

Why didn't you guys tell us you were changing your name to "Quiet Chorale?" http://lightning100.com/shows/nashville-sunday-night/#.UTQBgY42HhU