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here's Ke$ha's view tomorrow morning while nursing her hangover

Duck lips have hit japan #noduckface

Now that's a title I haven't had before...Looking forward to next week's shoot!

haha! I have 2 versions of that card from my baseball card collecting days: black box and scribbled

He owns Good Stuff Eatery and We the Pizza in DC

Was checking stock prices and this popped up. #Apple = Evil?

Tune in Oct 3rd to Bravo to see "Life After Top Chef," the show that I worked on from March - July as a camera operator

I've always thought this was kinda badass. Don't have to do Spiderman...

First thing's first....gotta start with a clean image...

YES! soooo hot. I reallllly want a matte black cafe racer

Hey , Abraham Lincoln isn't impressed either

. isn't even impressed with her baby portrait #McKayla

28/M/DC/YES! You? #obligatorybathroomshot

Breaking news!! Life found on mars! #MarsCuriosity #marslanding #MarsRover

The matte box for my DSLR rig arrived yesterday while I was in Richmond! The rig is slowly coming together!

I think I found your future mode of transportation

Maybe you should congratulate your teammates instead of mugging for the camera...

Here you are, in shock, after winning gold!