#INFJ. Been there, done that, bought the postcard- keep on buying postcards. Tweets read best with a Southern Belle accent...

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Finally went to 7-11 to get fluids other than water and herbal tea. Want to chug but mustn't... Mmm popsicle.

the pic doesn't do the red scabby part justice... It is less swollen today though

PS nice glass! I have black stemless

The person who made this trail was drinking methinks

Sister Miker

New brand of foreplay with

Sexy new threads on my man

Not gonna lie, I kinda think these are awesome

Someone defaced this for rent sign near the bus stop... Trying not to laugh, but it kinda makes my morning haha

I giggle every time I open my medicine cabinet and see this

Bestest colleague/friend surprised me with lunch because she noticed I was feeling a little rough :)

Wearing a tie = automatic success, right?

"Morning Frank!" isn't he handsome?

Thanks to Ashley for fitting me in today and making my vision come true

Gotta love the bus bench condoms

Now that's a pot of coffee! I think I want to marry my French press.

Why everyone needs a gay... (gift for my friend's bridal shower)

Told my colleague I am addicted to tamari almonds- he left this note in the bag!

What i like to call holistic health care.