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Oh snaap is tearing it up at #Urbanstar! Love your voice's hella #dope ohmygulayz! =)

and Deep fried ice cream @ #HolyBasil to top all that off...ftw!!

so good seeing Carla & Carlota last night..def been way too long..xx oh and the food #omg!!♥

took a photo of your you'll have it forever as a remembrance =)

See ya laterz Mr I'm glad to have met're definitely a cool guy..genuinely nice! Safe trip..=)

loves the Kangaroo skewers...guess you got some Aussie in ya!

here you go =)

was nice meeting you 2day so cool of you to even stop & chat with us! you gotta come party up 2nyt..=)

#HotCrossBuns for #Easter #MorningTea looks like I'm only eating these all day...definitely not having lunch!! =) ♥

trying 2 eat properly & have decent meals 4 lunch so I dn't eat like crazy @ the end of the day! #yum #nocarbs aftr 6pm

since I'm not hungry..just gonna take a quick break to soak up some sun & just chill out of the office..I♥#SunnyDays =)

sometimes an LV belt doesnt make the this case it definitely killed it! so daggy..sorry mate..a bit gay! Lol

all I ate was chocolates..damn! definitely goin' to hack into this "Diced Beef Steak w/ Tomato Rice" omg..the bomb!! ♥

1st meal all weekend..for real! I just realised that I hvnt really had anythin to eat since Friday after clubbing..wth!

ooohh..the top I was wearing last Friday night looks similar to 's it!! gotta love feathers..♥♥

sleeping pods goodnight world..I need to catch some zzzs..power nap for some crazy partyin' tonight!! ♥

I♥watching #ItsABradBradWorld totally love it.. is a cool your style..always!♥ #stylin

laid back #weekend...gotta luv it!! ♥ everyday should be a #weekend...y'all feelin' that?! ;)

Thank u for the #Hersheys Hugs chocolates Stib..omg u know how much I love these♥♥ all the ones I got are all gone!! =)

so I was just walking by #MaxBrenner & felt like a milk chocolate frappe..#cheatday 2 d "Max" damn..I'm gon be so fat!!

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