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Boom top 30 score for the week

Follow - she pwned the shit out of Creighton here:

Here's a 'grab of Creighton's recap of last Saturday, before posted her masterpiece

It gets better! Creighton explodes on and quotes(?) Donovan McNabb

Screengrabbed for your reading pleasure.

I was using the Force

Awww ha ha ha

Please help me out guys, I can't tell if this is a typo:

Lol at Bruce Brennenstuhl 'd

I think Creighton's hair looks good here.

I don't think tonight's storm is gonna miss us like it did today.

Playing the victim. I went off last night listing every reason he's getting shit on by me. His response:

Okay, , one more. Hope you deleted the death threat you made on Jan-11-2011 because I'll find it you pussy.


Yo , who's revising history? What was unprovoked?

'Demolition Man' predicted Scott Peterson's heinous crime and subsequent incarceration (h/t Zack Tyman)


Found him RT : Police looking for suspect in man's fatal stabbing

It's catching on. What are you waiting for? You have the power! #Lithgow #Darfur

My recap of the #Ravens - #Steelers game: