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I work for Lucasfilm doing random stuff for and run a tiny record label called Missing Words. I enjoy long walks on the beach and zombies.

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Saw this comic and thought of you!

Laser grid magic with ! #PrestonCastle #GhostHunting

The scariest thing about #PrestonCastle? The active juvenile prison next door. #GhostHunting

About to do a #ghost investigation at Preston Castle with !

Hey , do you get residuals every time I press "try me" on this? #StarWars

Why must you lie to me, fortune cookie?

I love Comic-Con but this is the real reason I come to #SanDiego every year! Baked cinnamon pancake !

Congrats to all the winners of the 2011 #StarWars Fan Movie Challenge!

Yay! , wins the George Lucas Select award!!! He's totally crying... congrats man! #StarWars

Every year #SDCC feels more like a rock show, there are even bootleg shirt vendors on the street this year!

Nightsisters at the #StarWars #CloneWars season 4 panel! Is that & of ?!

Skipped out on #SDCC tonight to hit up the #SanDiego #Ghost Bus Tour!

.'s driveway > my car.

Two grumpy banthas ! #StarWars cc:

"Internet Killed the Video Store" lyrics by !

#Tupac pants? Yup.

So apparently Darth Vader now sells real estate in #SanFrancisco. Odd job choice for a Sith Lord. #StarWars

Blackbeard replaced Davey Jones in the fog on #PiratesOfTheCaribbean !

The crazy-hair-lady from the original #StarTours pre-show makes a cameo in the ST2 pre-show! #StarWars

They're building an 8-foot R2-D2 at the #Lego Store in Downtown Disney! #StarWars #Disneyland