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So many passions, so little time! Mom, workerbee, sometimes Nats blogger/photog, author. Barn parties. Lighthouse restorer in spare time. Tweets my own opinion.

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Of all the taunting of Bears fans on my Facebook timeline, this one jumped out the most:

Teehee - sent by a friend... #nerdhumor #sotrue

That orange line better be an outlier

I just checked (cuz I'm weird). Similar, but different


Closer tricks 2007 & today - Cheer on nailing first pitch tomorrow Nats fans!

Demise of the healthy cart at #Nats park? Only vegetarian food my husband would eat there (doesn't do fried either)

I might be slow. Just realized you can track shipments directly in Mac Mail! Wild!

*Used* coffee filters? Ummm....

And the young stud takes a curtain call. Good on ya!

It finally has a name (has to do with the lighthouse)

Yep, I think my slingbox is dying. All channels are green.

it goes from streaming fine to 0 kbps/optimizing then not connected after a couple mins on local network

Whoa. Strangest press release ever in email. That's it. Nothing else.

maybe espn is rolling out new sitewide navigation too?

For those of you who want to get your scoresheet set up early, here's the Reds lineup

Anyone want to come see live blues at my house to benefit the Tinner Hill Foundation Sunday 3/4?

The book is done! Ok, maybe just the cover is... But it looks great! Now for the insides...

Grandmother's house (still lives there)