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yeah!!!! Here it is!!!!

here I am!!!! With DI Dimmock!!!!

this is Chip the day we picked him up :) that's how cute

an incredibly handsome blue merle collie

looky at Rainbow Dash's cutie mark

Rainbow Dash the controller....in her box

*has orgasm over chocolate fudge cake*

Well here's Derpy Hooves anyway ;) #Brony wanted to see this

its us

here's Derpy but without paint

On the bright side this is Derpy Hooves, MLP fans adore her this is who I'm going to try and paint

here's Jeff the Killer

Spyro black with a huge head as proof

Still down or sad???? Here's a picture of some penguins and remember, smile :D

Howdy!!!! Are you sad or blue today???? Smile!!!! Here's a picture of a funny cat :D

this is true to you from me

I agree with Drake here, I have no faith in the human race because of Beliebers

I'm sorry but this makes me laugh so much

this is what happens when your texts fail