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Loved teaching in London for 6yrs. Now in US via Fulbright doing a PhD in Education Policy. V.interested in Academies, Charters &Free Schools. Work for LKMCo.

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This is the day my class flooded WHILE I HAD A CLASS IN IT.

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THIS is the classroom I taught in FIVE years ago. Roof still can't be fixed. THEY NEED A NEW BUILDING.

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It's answers like this to Parliamentary Questions about education that drive me absolutely daft:

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Teather really *is* wearing a blanket at the Education Select Committee. No, really.

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Amazon took a somewhat indirect route to get my christmas present to me

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Ironically I found this clearing out today. It takes a 3 hour exam + a 2 day course to get this.

This is the other direction!

There are 3 buses to every person in Stratford right now. This is facing one way on our street...

Feels like being on Bullseye. Look what Stratford School *could have won*...

Royal Mail appears to be the only organisation unable to come up with a gender-free name for a job:

Tho you can't see my tail or fin you can see the main reason for odd looks!

Pigeon in my classroom. My windows only open an inch. This will be interesting.

Someone should tell the DfE that this statistic really does not prove that "academies work"

It's not putting results up on the wall but I do now write comments/marks on the outside of students' folders

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In an essay comparing local and national govt a year 7 wrote this surreally poetic line:

I'm always amazed how messy real learning is. Looks like a bomb's hit but they worked like fiends!

Fab comic strip of criminal trial process, inspired by +really worked to embed ideas.

This is my favourite graph from today's reading. It shows 'physical competence' by chronological age

And my favourite "why is politics boring and not fun?"

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