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it was nice to just relax and not think about work.

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His stuff can feel a bit wooden at times, but there's something timeless about his work. I feel like such dorky fan around him.

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The moral of the story is: Never leave your car keys sitting on your coffee table in your trailer. And the other moral is: Even getting something nice, like money for charity, can be a real pain in the ass.

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I'm the white guy in the middle wearing a bonnet and no pants.

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Let me know which one you guys think would go over best.

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I'm installing a security system so these vagrants can't get in anymore.

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i try to find the bright side of every situation.

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http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=149176041774334. I'm definitely not going to "friend" her. She's the super-clingy type.

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I hate to cave like this, but enough is enough. I hope you're satisfied.

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When you look at this photo he can read your mind. Born: September 23rd, 2010.

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His name is West Anaximander Collins. And like a bee, he can smell fear. Unlike a bee, he likes boobs and needs frequent diaper changes. I like him.

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His speech was slurred. 1/2 the time i couldn't even understand what he was saying.

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This is the demographic data that facebook provides me of everyone who "likes" me on facebook. So far Manchester, UK seems to be where i have the highest concentration of friends. This is surprising to me, as i've never been to manchester. Perhaps all of my old friends from college have skewed the data by moving there and having lots of children.

Interestingly, judging from this graph, elderly men tend to not like me at all. Have i collected your statistics? If not log on to http://www.facebook.com/officialmisha and "like" me--i'll be ordering everyone boots soon and i need your sizes.

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This is me and mike on the trip described in the article. funny thing about this was we did kayak and canoe down the LA river, but a lot of the time we had to carry our canoes and kayaks because the water wasn't deep enough, so if any officials from the EPA had been with us they would have seen that in fact, it was not a "navigable waterway." But lets not get bogged down in the details...

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Now that I look closely at the picture, I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have made out with these girls.

This is me lecturing the Spanish football team. I wore a team jersey to inspire them. Not surprisingly, they won.

there's a rumor floating around that i have had a baby. I have not (to my knowledge). Actually jim and i rescued this baby from a woman claiming to be it's mother on the train platform in Frankfurt. Jim had it in his luggage on the way back to the US, but it was our bad luck that it woke up and started crying in his suitcase just as we were going through customs. Needless to say the border nazis took it away.

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I met this woman while jogging this morning and i liked both her message and her fashion sense. She told me that an apartment in her building was vacant, that it was a good neighborhood, and that should i want to move in, she'd put in a good word for me with the landlord.

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