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20k down. Where's my beer?! I'm thirsty!

People r asking how to pledge, but when I post the link the site crashes. U could be professional in Internet breakers.

It's a beautiful day for a run. If my beautiful you mean cold and rainy.

Tons of u have posted this, but it's totally inaccurate! I'm much better built & I would never cheat on the Sears Tower

I don't usually rely on pundits for news, but this guy seems reliable.

I don't usually rely on pundits for news, but this guy seems reliable.

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I find the new girl, very difficult to work with.

Finally found the name tag. It's "Maison Marie Collins" pronounce "Mason." She's basically a trained assassin.

Speaking of which, best pupusas north of Elsalvador?... Robson & Seymour, Vancouver. (Ignore the ugly patrons with me.)

She's not very big, but she looks like she's going to come in handy, so i think we'll keep her.

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I honestly can't believe that Comic Con corporate would violate the trust of fans like this.

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생일 의상 주셔서 감사합니다! 우리는 언젠가 한국을 방문하고 당신에게 쿠키를 가져올 것이다.

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Inside the bags that we gave out there was toothpaste, blankets, toothbrushes, fake mustaches, socks and cocaine.

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This is a seagull made entirely from the perfect material for sculpture: Tampons and maxi pads.

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You want science? I'll give you science--ALL OVER YOUR FACE!

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We should probably start a collection of these.

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Oh, ye of little faith. If i say i'm going to post a photo of myself naked on a horse, i am damn-well gonna do it.

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This is an FMA black belt. She said she had a wedding to get out of work, but really she's getting drunk on water.

These are my masseuses. They will do anything for a buck.