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Here ya go!

One more tone with the damn pic!

Backyard! Beaten into submission. One bird feeder up! #fb

Front yard, ALL THE SHRUBS! And a stupid DISH sticking up. Bleh. #fb

In my life I've seen these launched AND can now track it in my fucking HAND. I am crying w/ amazement.

What do they say at the Dalek salon? I drew this all by myself!! #drwho #fb

New Laura Ashley quilt. Lots of green to offset the lavender walls. :) #fb

Current mileage numbers for 1994 Civic EX. :) Love my old girl!

First night st Lake Ivanhoe! View from my bed.

New house with fresh paint and antique olive shutters/doors. :) Cable guys are doing their thang. Outta here soon.

I forgot to attach the screenshot! DERP. Here it is.

Freecycle can be so much fun!

OMG finally got my Lil Bub plushie!! SO SOFT!! Thanks,

Missy Kat has decided to sleep in today. So rotten!

It's purrito time!

The bedroom. Perfect edges. :)

Our handy work in the office. This was the yellowish room. And yes those edges ARE perfect :)

Here's the new house! The backyard is even nicer than the front. It's AMAZEBALLS! It is really nice! #bighouse

Spot the rotten cow cat! The Nap Facilitator is ON DUTY. :) #fb

OH! are we doing toilet selfies?? Don't forget your TIARA!!