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Hockey writer at @globeandmail, Olympics coverage at @globeolympics, regular on @TSN1050Radio. By way of Kamloops, home of 2014 Brier.

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Canada is so crazy today no one minded the 700-foot goal light blasting a horn at 7 a.m.

Canada is so crazy today no one minded the 700-foot goal light blasting a horn at 7 a.m.

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Here's the Leafs roster for their rookie tournament, which starts two weeks from today in London, Ont.

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Leafs photos like this one of Kessel and Kadri on the golf course make me thankful it's vacation time

  • 934 days ago via site
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Here's the list of offer sheet compensation if teams sign RFAs today - another thing for Leafs fans to fret over

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Cowbell Bob has to become its own meme... someone photoshop him into a worthy scene.

  • 983 days ago via site
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And the Stars new uniforms are in fact the ones that were leaked earlier. Another look

  • 984 days ago via site
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Another look at how the Leafs offence faltered a bit late in the year even as Kessel piled up points.

  • 1011 days ago via site
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The logo for the new Central Hockey League team in Canada, the Brampton Beast.

  • 1021 days ago via site
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A chart of James Reimer's career, with the red triangles representing his concussion period

  • 1034 days ago via site
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The odd career of Brian Elliott, expressed in a chart (today's shutout makes an impact at the end)

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My story needs some work tonight...

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This is the type of thing your family sends you when you cover the Leafs...

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The NHL lockout in a photo: When Leafs players use regular dressing rooms and have to carry their own laundry

  • 1243 days ago via site
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Spot the Kings in this wacky Stanley Cup celebration photo... (with "little person" dressed as a king)

  • 1338 days ago via site
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Good old picture of Marlies coach in the 1997 NHL playoffs taking out Eric Lindros...

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A picture of the new Canadiens GM in a stick bag. #thingsthathaveneverbeentweeted

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A photo of the giant Stanley Cup fountain that's under construction...

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Hockey teams had such great names when my grandfather played back in the '40s. Hollywood Wolves?

  • 1438 days ago via site
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A chart of all 30 NHL teams by age:

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Joffrey Lupul's shooting percentage has dropped considerably since the first half of the season (chart).

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