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now that's a go away message i hadn't seen before

Earlier this week I lost almost all my data. They basically just told me they have too many problems to help.

ok forget it i'm getting a nexus 7

Orange not on the LTE iPad radar, but Everything Everywhere is, so is 3.

LOL this just made my day "You cunt be serious!" "This cunt be happening!" "I cunt stop laughing!" http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=393255954080668&id=391339787605618


My soup turned out really well by the way, just in case you were wondering.

This is what Apple Mail considers plaintext.

Beautiful day.

All I want to do is install a free application, and now I have to find three questions I will never forget. ARGH!

Android prefers EDGE to 3G :/

samsung galaxy mini s5570 battery usage—stock rom vs cyanogenmod

Really, Canon? Fuck you.

I love this view…


no fucking way, not again!!! ffffuuuuuu itunes

Madonna's kid has LTE

lol apple trolling my inbox

universe, wat r u doin? universe! stahp!!!

Shopping for garlic is like playing the lottery—you never know if it's fresh. This one even has a lotto number.