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#fullspeed with 1190 vienna

Not bad, !

Twittelator for iPhone still shows it

könnt ihr mir das mal erklären? #artikelwirrwarr

microsoft error reporting is not responding #gofigure

i only have one

we had fun once. it was awful. #opernball

ha, i knew it! #opernball

remember when tv & radio would work together to give us the best possible experience? just 34 years ago…

to the kid who scratched the cars & garage doors last night or this morning: i know who you are. happy fucking xmas.

maybe the vlc devs want to fix this instead of goofing around with silly santa icons in the dock?

so THAT's what the vlc devs have been busy with

Oops, I did it again


go home software update, you're drunk

application name: mail. is fatal: true.

not again :/

ROFL I quit Remote Desktop and got this error message. MS error reporting quit - you want to send a report to Apple?

What about the many times it didn't work? #mobileparking #handyparken

"the server" is not correctly configured.