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• Next Friday on : the DJ debut of me & as BRILL CAZBY on 's ! ➡

That's who the city was named after, yeah. I'm not going to start wearing a funny hat, though. Yet. ➡

• Sealed copy from Afrika Bambaataa's collection; produced by Bill Laswell () and Bam. ➡

• Tags on tags. Share the love and follow everyone! #timebomb http://instagram.com/p/q5kWjBtpgy/

• Un selfie con en El Bron! #seisdelsur

shortly after going berserk at Crotona Park in the Bronx. #toolsofwar

retweeted Sting and a bumblebee showed up in my timeline. ➡

• This was parked down the block from on Tuesday. It confused me. CC: #coldbeverage

• I've only had 1 coffee yet I'm already hype about catching going berserk at Crotona Park today! ➡

, I bought Afrika Bambaataa's extra copy of your "Bangzilla" record!✌

• Shout-out to . ➡

• Mista Lourockski of the Rock Kitty Crew. ➡


• It was alright, I guess. AMIRITE and ?! (It was dope.) ➡

• Imagine it's the early '90s, you go to buy a video game and they ask for this information at the cash register. ➡

• Wild Style Autographed Record Challenge, Pt. 1 of ?: Grandwizzard Theodore signed it in silver paint marker. ➡

, I bought Afrika Bambaataa's extra copy of your first Sylk130 record. ✌

• Os Três Gringos (, and myself) featuring MC Coxinha. #vaibrasil

• Fun with Emoji. ➡