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#SKOL Vikings MUFC, MUFC ;) Twins, Wolves,Wild, Gophers I still love a Pom =^..^= Stroke survivor 9/18/07

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Lady on it's Calvin Griffith, not Griffin. Though I can see why it would be confusing.

saw this and thought of you

I think 's problems are inoperable.

I will say... RT : I will be ROTFLMAO when Adrian flattens Mr. Haha on his way to the endzone this fall

Have a happy one

hey I got the same poof thing lol #bedhairselfie

Girls this is what a tool looks like. Avoid. RT : you're a real faggot. Everyone is entitled to their opinions about gays. Stop being a sensitive little bitch and move on.

Oh don't worry warning sign. I don't think I'm in any danger.

no but I thought Manchester United brought Fergie back and then there was this excitement....

yes, says the girl with this art instillation in her living room. #wowineedtodust

I'm adding half of this! That'll do!

Coming up on #gettingplowed #thatsaeuphemismforsex

Coming up on ...

me too. Though when I heard Subway had an ingredient in their bread that is also in yoga mats, I crafted this. So there's that.

Bill came home!! Filthy but fine!! Thank you for your support

please rt

will you please RT - my little pup is missing W metro tonight :(