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See. I'm just right next to the train line :))

Soooo I got this mint chocolate bar and that cream cheese thingy. ^^

That's why I love eating in this restaurant. ;A; MuCore! Taeyeon!

LMFAO I'm getting popular +900% LOL Bullshit.

Texted my little brother to go download TTS too LOL I am such a horrible older sister. :))

Ooh TaeTiSeo already reported on Japanese newspapers. :3

When I saw Taeyeon's MuCore caps from earlier, what I saw was:

Tiffany, you're gonna have to stop or you're gonna wind up looking like

Fuck no. #tweetsthatannoyme

IDK what part of that tweet made you think I was worthy of cohosting some photog thingo.

Billyyyyyyyyy what should I get? ;(

LOLOL JGS' actual Yoona drawing during the shoot. Props though, you can see a tiny "SNSD" in Japanese ^^

I'm too blegh to apply for the SNSD Japanese fan site all over again. >.> My other number is subscribed anyways. LOL

Do you like your name on my phonebook? :)))) HAHA

nope it was already over >.>

She said no. But when I first bought my 4S, I actually sang The Boys for Siri.

I got this card for one of the snacks ^^

IDK but it looks like this rn.

Sungha oppar WAYLT /CREYS

[CONFIRMED] That is not true, anon.