Collecting fantasy miniatures and sharing my #eBay discoveries here. Mainly #OOP Citadel Miniatures from mid 80's. Also editing a web directory. Enjoy!

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My last acquisition on eBay: an #OOP Chaos Warrior from Citadel

My favorite Citadel Chaos Warrior for sale on #eBay #oop

Me want this Orc Warlord! From #Reaper So beautiful!

#eBay Citadel Miniatures Gobbo Command mint in blister #oop

#eBay Citadel Miniatures Gobbo Stickas mint in blister #oop

The Tragedy Of McDeath Crazed Caledonians (full set #loose)

Warhammer 40K Squat Cyber Slayer Limited Edition by Bob Olley

Warhammer 40K Dark Eldar Nude Slave Girl & Prisoner #Unreleased

Citadel Dwarf Inferiority Complex & Snotling Sawmaster Limited Edition #loose

Warhammer Fantasy Alpine Dwarf Skier Limited Edition #loose

Citadel Miniature DRAG2 - Blue Dragon & Sorceress on #eBay

Quite original fantasy scenery items! Mounted Head Trophies with Wolf, Boars, and Orcs Heads

One of my favorite miniatures from the mid 80's: Asgard Half Troll Chieftain FM27

A blister full of Marauder's Chaos Thugs (Archers) #oop

Classic Citadel Miniatures DG3 Blue Dragon by Tom Meier #eBay

Warhammer 40K Devastators boxed set: Land Speeder, Squat Mole Mortar, IG Tarantula #eBay

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Rogue Trader Tactical Squad in original box

Rare OOP Patriarch running with Magus Familiar mint in blister! #Citadel #WH40k

A very old and collectible Citadel Miniatures Spacefarers S-12 Adventuress on Space Cycle

Need Chaos Centaurs for your army? Here are 5 of them from Marauder mint in blister