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Give me rampant intellectualism as a coping mechanism. Defiant. Goof. Cynical. Pit Bull advocate. #Foodie. Cook. Cheesemonger. Nature junkie. Honest. #Atheist.

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Check out my cashier's name and total ... Couldn't make this up! LOL

But you can't beat the view!

Made a Kindle cover. (Hand stitched. I don't have a sewing machine!) Fabric over 1/4" thick piece of felted wool. Just to transport with peace of mind!

Pavani, the mouse killer!


How could I not think of you? #BaconBehavingBadly

Glorifying a terrorist and blaming his upbringing. #RollingStone, what the actual fuck.

If this picture doesn't make you want to puke, please do everything in your power to remove yourself from my life. KTHXBAI

Today's walk: Someone done fucked up a palm tree

Today's walk. #PitBull

YES!!!! YesYesYesYesYessssssssssss. #DragRace #MonsoonSeason

Trash to treasure? But what can I do, with a cute lolita?

These were #DyedForYou last week, when I was with my nieces!

I don't have a lot of bowls, so I bought these gems at Blue Moon Japan. 2 for $10 instead of the normal price of $7.50 each!

I just randomly looked down and saw THIS growing while walking my dog! Happy St. Patty's!!!

Fun at work, last night: Slicing up some wheels of Sartori Reserve. My fave? Olive Oil & Rosemary Asiago! Bravissimo!

Finally got my lengua huarche for lunch, yesterday! Thanks, Trejo's!

This inbred monstrosity is exactly why people hate Pit Bulls, including my sweetie! I feel sick, looking at it.

Squee! I was going to get a sweatshirt from them, anyway! And they're only like 10 miles away, so I can just pick it up and not pay shipping!