Mimi Blanchard


1 part Marilyn Monroe (the curves) + 1 part NWA (the swearing - I've been tryna quit but it's just too much fun!) + 1 part Martha Stewart (the skills!!).

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I love living in Southern California.......

You'd think I woulda learned my lesson from when my shoes got stolen out my car like 2 years ago. smh.

yes!!! Look at this pic!! And yea, she has a really cute different style!!

This is a real life text conversation I just had with a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons.

Plies! Look at this damn skin!

I really can't stand right now. We talmbout JT & he sends me a pic of this mofo in a gotdayum denim suit AND hat!!


Look at this shit. A whole chunk of freeway/bridge just missing. These are the things I fear most in life.

thank you. :( There was a random pole in the mall parking lot, I didn't see it & I hit it.

Okay, this......and then goodnite. #TwitPicAPhotoInYaPhoneYouCantExplain

This is my bedroom window & this is Boo Radley's truck. He sits there & leers at me. This can't be legal. I hate him.

I'ma let you finish, but had the best Eazy E costume of all time. *drops mic*


you ever seent my Eazy E Halloween pic?

WOW, did you guys see on VH1?? She looks amazing. Y'all know I'm obsessed w Wonder Woman

Cutest baby ever! RT : Can we make today #FatbabyFriday? Twitpic your cute ass babies and make me giddy!

for you!

They still sell these things?? What kind of person puts these in their car??