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Miltonius Arts, LLC is an Orange County California based company Currently, working on the independent animation, AKUMI

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Introducing 's new avatar, KLUNK! Watch the creation of KLUNK next week!

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Miltonius Arts pre-podcast warm up! If you think this is weird, you should listen to our "Alleged" podcast!

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Check out this speed painting of a famous undead character:

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Check out the first installment of the all-new comic strip, NINJA FOOT! Brought to you by the warped brains of brothers Dave and Brian Johnson!

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What happens when you see something you created 4+ years ago re-skinned all over the interweb? Well, you do some inner self re-skinning... if that makes any sense... I didn't think so. It's time to go forward to infinity and beyond yo! Watch this "speed creation" of my new human template here:

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What goes on in the minds of 3 friends working together to create greatness? Find out in our latest Miltonius Arts comic strip "Rich Guys". Things are really starting to move with us here at Miltonius Arts. This year has truly been our launching point! Thank you to all who have supported us!

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Over 1 year and we're still hustling. The video game is becoming a reality! So how did these 3 misfits begin Miltonius Arts?

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This is the login screen I created. I'll probably make some digital paintings to put behind this main graphic later. Although the name "Oversoul" is on this screenshot, the title may change.

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This is the interface for the battle screen. It may go through some changes but everything I need is there right now.

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This my concept for the how you can level up. It will work in many different ways to give you a variety of choices.

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This is the artifact inventory. Most artifacts will give a positive and negative result.

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This is the concept for the skill cards menu.

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This is the alignment chart I created.

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This is a cave area I created. It was inspired by some of the cave styles I saw in wow instances.

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This was the first background I created for the project. The forest area.

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This would be a winter type area.

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This is part of the world map screen for a project we are working on.

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Way back when I was working on the Puffy Ami Yumi show for Cartoon Network, I started developing this film called Akumi. soon came on to help me in the sound and music department.Though, it's gone on a long hiatus, this passionate project is still on our back burners:

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I finished designing and animating more of my characters. These will be used in an upcoming project I'm working on:

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