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Miltonius Arts, LLC is an Orange County California based company Currently, working on the independent animation, AKUMI

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Akumi & Jade would like to thank you for your support! They'd also like to wish you a Happy New Year in 2014! Onward and Upward! It's Grind Time! #akumi #miltoniusarts

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Akumi the Bounty Hunter and Monster Masher! Who wants to see her back in action? #Akumi #MiltoniusArts

  • 642 days ago via site
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So much more to learn! I'll keep you updated on what I create in this new medium! #MiltoniusArts

  • 648 days ago via site
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I started taking classes at The instructors there are pros and have to be currently working in the industry to teach there. They have teachers from almost every special effects movie out there! My homework is to make a room so I'm going to make a character in a room! #MiltoniusArts

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Check out my first 3D model made in Maya! #MiltoniusArts

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Greetings! I know it's been a long while since I've posted any new art work on #MiltoniusArts. It's because I've been so busy getting things ready for upcoming projects but here's a new painting style I've been playing with. I really enjoy working this way as it's fast and more about the energy. I want to keep developing this style some more. I plan to start posting more art regularly again so stay tuned!

  • 762 days ago via site
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The Adam and Eve of another world! #MiltoniusArts

  • 797 days ago via site
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BOOM! I done did it yo! #MiltoniusArts

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Dead men tell no tales... allegedly... #MiltoniusArts #HateDave

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The Skexis Brood are malevolent Fiends from an unknown dimension. Their cruel nature has made them feared even among the ones they serve! They are indeed a treacherous race. #miltoniusarts

  • 804 days ago via site
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Tainted Fiend of Miltonius! Don't turn off your lights! He's pure Evil! Colors are fun yo! #MiltoniusArts

  • 808 days ago via site
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The Big, Fiendish, Purple People Eater! #MiltoniusArts

  • 809 days ago via site
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Sexy and Deadly! She'll melt your heart... and your face! Here I was going for a painterly look with my digital arts!

  • 816 days ago via site
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I just finished this lady warrior! I've been trying out some new techniques of line work and coloring. Been getting a lot of my inspiration from Capcom designs. I love their dynamic drawing and coloring style. What company or artist do you "draw" your inspiration from? #MiltoniusArts

  • 820 days ago via site
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Gotta catch them all! This is a collage of the characters I've animated so far. Almost 100! I've been busy yo! Which character would you collect first?

  • 824 days ago via site
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The Quaztk Sorcerer! These are elusive creatures usually dwelling in or near large bodies of water. They have the natural ability to cast powerful water spells. Creature design inspired by

  • 827 days ago via site
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I just finished creating this Amazon Priestess! In video games, do you prefer playing the male or female characters?

  • 831 days ago via site
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Just finished this fiendish face! I painted it while playing around with some photoshop tools I hadn't used in years! What program do you like working in the most? Photoshop or Flash?

  • 833 days ago via site
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Here's one idea for a possible Miltonius armor variation. What kind of look would you give Miltonius?

  • 835 days ago via site
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Exercising my drawing skills! I call this The Barbarian Overlord!

  • 838 days ago via site
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