i like to draw dragons on my school papers.

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This weather needs to calm the fack down.

Brace yourselves!

This happens at least every other day...I need a new laptop.

It's 1:30AM and it's almost 80° outside.


Best feeling ever~~

These green tea Kit Kat wrappers have an area to draw on the back of them...?

Crappy picture but #bloodmoon o.o

Extracted some strawberry DNA in bio today

This kitty followed me to my doorstep and her face was breaking my heart D:

First time seeing latte art irl!

That's not my problem if these devilishly good looks have been bestowed upon me. *flips hair*

Bio sensei noticed me~~

It's winter again~

My second cancelled class on the first week of school, pwaha.



It's been a really warm winter. O.o

this is an accurate representation of the RHS cheerleaders LOL

There's an alien skull in the science building at Sierra. Le wat